Xeno GC Modchip

For Gamecube


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Xeno GC is a Modchip for the Nintendo Gamecube, which allows you to play backups from DVD media. Since the chip can be soldered directly onto the disc drive unit without wire, it is considered one of the easiest modchips to install.


  • Direct boot of DVD-R Media
  • Compatible with all versions and regions
  • Region Free gaming
  • Supports Multi Disc games
  • Easy to Install
  • Force NTSC or PAL modes by holding X or Y during load

Please note that you will need to use the smaller DVD-R mini discs to create backups, however it is possible to modify your Gamecube to read normal sized discs.

You will also need a unique Nintendo Screwdriver to dismantle your Gamecube console.

Soldering diagrams are available here.

Depending on availability, you may receive a clone version of Xeno GC called "Xen8 GC" - functionally they are exactly the same as the original and offer all the same features, the only noticeable diffrence is the colour of the status LED. If this is an issue for you, please email me before ordering.